Environmental Information:

s.w.a.t. being passionate about the environment and eco systems respond positively and with great care undertake the following.

From january 2004 the team undertook the project of woodland regeneration with regards to our site in parkgate, in the past ivy has taken a stranglehold over the small wood and larger tree’s have been suffering to the point of collapse, the plan of action was to remove the main infection of this ivy by removing it, thus far in the space of 10 months 40 large trees have successfully been saved from the inevitable, this is a slow process and labour intensive, but continues on a weekly basis, and will not stop until the ivy on the tree’s has been removed, also to replace the fallen tree’s of years gone by, new tree’s have been planted on a unused section of the site but within the scope of the small wood.

Areas that include bluebells and natural wildlife have also been cordoned off, even though paintball skirmishing has been proven to encourage bluebell growth, these restrictions within the company take place at our valued woods.

Tree surgery were needed is carried our by qualified personnel

s.w.a.t. also ensure that no litter no matter how small is removed from the site and game area’s as not to endanger wildlife or spoil the overall woodlands eco structure.

Paintballs that are used within the woods are carefully selected by s.w.a.t., no bright colours are used and we ensure that only paintballs with a low calcium level are used as to reduce staining of the trees.

Paintballs them selves being totally biodegradable and non toxic do not and have never not posed a threat to the wildlife of the environment, thus the beauty of the paintball is , it is that friendly you could eat it without harm.

We have been commended recently by environmentalist for the care we are taking of the woods,

And further enhancements within the woods are to produce rustic buildings which blend with the natural forest and take the emphasis off the tree’s by running games based on bases with the benefit of a natural canopy within the spring and summer months.

Great care is also taken for our neighbours in a reduction in noise pollution that some paintball venues have produced, no airhorns , no pyro-techniques, as we are located in a exclusive part of the wirral and have a equestrian centre very close, we uphold our noise reduction policies to the max for the benefit of the riders and our neighbours, site speed limits are also in force and are policed on a shoot basis.

all our waste no matter how small is recycled by a wirral based company called bagnall & morris, please click the banner below to visit their web site