Game Scenario's:

All game scenarios that take place at s.w.a.t. Are carefully constructed to ensure the following, they are safe, easy to understand, have clear objectives and most importantly are fun. No body is required to be able to neither run the London marathon nor be required to over exert.

All players that attend s.w.a.t. play at their own pace, certainly the ever energetic youngsters will run rings around the older players, but were adults gain a slight advantage is that of cunning, even so a balanced and fair day is ensured and controlled by our professional staff.

Certain control elements are enforced within the game structures, this the main one being safety, mask removals pose a certain element of risk to offending players, this is normally low risk, but even so penalty points are awarded to offending players, this always encourages that safety margin risks are minimal and low in yield.

SPEEDBALL: speedball is the first game players will take part in and their fun day out at s.w.a.t. being that speedball in conducted on a flat pitch similar in size to a football pitch, this area is littered with obstacles and triangles that act as cover and manoeuvre positions, the objective is a simple one, their is a flag in the centre of the pitch, two teams at opposing ends have the same objective, get that flag through the opposing teams lines to the goal. Not an easy task when the opposition is shooting at you, all players have only one life in this game, so use it wisely. There can only be one winner; this game lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.

KILLER ORKS: derived from the theme of the lord of the rings, these pesky orks are out for one thing, to reek as much havoc as possible, both teams join forces for this game, and the only way you can rid these orks, is to shoot the magic button on their shields, which ever team achieves this wins the game, be warned these orks are armed to the teeth and are accurate.