S.W.A.T. airsoft woodland:

Airsoft is a similar game to paintball and is run at our various sites for regular players and novice players, the sport utilises 1-1 replica's of the real steel weapons of the day, s.w.a.t. Airsoft was formed in 2001 and has become an industry leader, providing and operating it's series of three of the largest games in Europe since 2002, all prospective airsoft players are more than welcome to come and play at our venue, own equipment is not essential as rental guns are available in quantity.

This sport utilises airsoft replica's that can shoot fully auto and shoot 6mm ball bearings (BBS) these BBS are fully biodegradable, the sport is also based on honesty as these BBS leave no visible marks.

Please click the image above to visit our woodland airsoft venue: