Walk On Days:

This is a new concept to s.w.a.t.

We have just launched our walk on day’s programme, which will start at the last Sunday of every month, were we offer our venue to elite members:
Walk on and rec-ball players as well as professional paintballers:

Site fee:
Members - no fee required:
Non members – walk on or professional players £20.00 per person:

This is a buy direct from s.w.a.t. at a reduced rate. We are environmentalists, and respect our site, only paintballs that are recognised as well know brands will be used,
£30.00 per bag of 1000 for non members or bring your own:
*Paintball prices for walk on are at a reduced rate - but only on walk on days: *

The format is as follows – :
We anticipate around 12-18 games during the day, as well at tea and coffee though out the day when available. air is provided by us up to 4500psi (there is a small charge for air on the day £3.00 per player and fill up as much as you like,
All air tanks must be in date (and will be checked by our technical staff)

Please note - if your air tanks are out of date they will not be allowed at the s.w.a.t. venue
* dot bottles or u.s.a. bottles are not permitted in the u.k.

All markers will be chronograph at a maximum of 280 fps (feet per second) random chronograph will be carried out during the day, any players exceeding the max will be removed from play, repeat offenders will be asked to leave the venue.

All masks must be a recognised make - Scott - JT - vforce, all masks will be inspected by our staff prior to game play for mask integrity.

If you wish to attend our walk on members days please contact us directly to order paintballs:

All games will be marshalled by our own onsite resident pro-team - team s.w.a.t.

Communications about walk on days and members days and special events can be obtained from our online forum: