S.W.A.T. Memberships:

Become an elite member of s.w.a.t.

Over the last few months we have been asked, “can I become a member of s.w.a.t.”
Well now you can, we have constructed a package to suit the regular player, offering massive savings to the players, and still not loose the awesome days you will have playing at s.w.a.t. paintball.

The package breaks down in the following format:
A one off payment of £35.00 gets you a lifetime membership.
1. No site fees ever again whenever you play.
2. Use of all the equipment such as the paintball marker (gun) c/w hp air system + mask & gloves.
3. Use of full camouflage suite.
4. hot snacks are available for purchase onsite.
5. Special rates for paintballs on members days as low as £3.00 per 100 shots.
6. Discounts on equipment.

In fact an excellent package for the regular players: all you pay for is the paintballs you use:
On a regular day members pay £5.00 per 100 paintballs “even adults” – on member’s days box rates are available from £3.00 per 100 paintballs. High-pressure air is available onsite all days for a small fee.

If you wish to take advantage of our membership package please click on  download button at the bottom of this page to obtain a membership pack:
Memberships can be paid online via our online shop or over the phone 0151-644 1611.
The cardholder must be present when applying for a membership; we accept all major cards or paypal
Once you have paid your membership you will need to either hand in your form when you next play or email it to us by clicking the button below and attach the membership form.
Memberships can be done on the day.

Once you have signed up you can take advantage of the perks straight away, we will require at least 14 days to generate your pass as these as done monthly, this will not affect your access as a member.
If you wish to play on any available dates all you need to do is ring us on 0151-644 1611 and check when we are next open, or navigate our members forum by clicking the button below.

All members must register to gain access to the forum, as it is a member’s forum only.

Happy hunting !!