Frequently Asked Questions:

DOES IT HURT ? if all players follow the rule of no point blanking (which is the norm) then no it does not hurt, shooting distances are enforced by our staff at all times.

MY CHILDREN ARE TEN CAN THEY PLAY ? unfortunalty not, all u.k.p.s.f. sites have a policy that you have to be in year 7 which is the first year or high school to play,a better option for under twelves would be laser quest in new brighton or chester:

I AM A LADY AND IM SCARED OF GETTING HURT- WHAT DO YOU OFFER AS PROTECTION ? we provide body armour for ladies to protect vital area's of the body, as well as full fingered armoured gloves, and jackets with padded hoods, all safety equipment carrys an additional charge and is  available in large quantities.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING ? the first thing is sturdy footwear, something with ankle support, such as hiking boots and certainly something with grip on the sole, football boots are a good option, try and avoid playing in trainers as they seldom are slippy on wet grass, old clothing such as jeans and sweatshirts can be worn under the suite we provide, paintball juice will wash out of any clothing as it is bio-degradeable.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ? the average paintball consumption for the day is normally 300 for half a day to 500 shots full day, this is based on an annual usage by players, some use more some use less, some go mad (who obviously have a lot of money) budjet setting by parents is enforced by our staff who will not let young players go mad and land their parents with a big bill. all players are advised as they play throughout the day how many paintball's they have used and how much they owe, at any point in the day.

CAN I GET LUNCH ON THE DAY ? All food must be pre-booked and paid for prior to the shoot date you have booked, this is to save waisting good food. We only cater for persons who pre-book and pay for food in advance of the shoot date.Other options are, you can bring your own food / picnic.
We do however sell snacks such as pot noodles, crisps, mars bars , kit kats and light refreshments such as coke etc.

I SUFFER FROM HAY FEVER OR HAVE ALLERGIES CAN I PLAY ? there is nothing stopping any player who has allergies playing, advise our staff on the day of the following, medicines, inhalers, hypo shots ect, staff will monotor you discreetly. all clients that have allergies will be kept strictly private and discrete.

I AM A VEGETARIAN DO YOU CATER FOR ME ? yes we certainley do, advise a member of our staff on the day, and we will cater for you a nice meal.

I HAVE A NUT ALLERGY DOES YOU FOOD CONTAIN NUTS ? all food is carefully selected and does not contain nuts, this process is monitored by the directors of s.w.a.t. (who do the shopping)

I AM 60 CAN I PLAY ? IM ALSO NOT VERY FIT !! all players that take part in the games play at their own pace, our team captain in 60 ish, wisdom prevails over speed from our experience. nobody is required to run around unless they want to, don't over exert yourself, we want you to last the full day, all players are allowed to rest if they feel the need.